The test method of stainless steel rope mesh green wall

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It is a kind of net woven to avoid dust covering the surface of the fabric block. Many people call this kind of wall windbreak, which is usually used in some medium mines and other places where raw materials are produced. In order to avoid some floating dust such as coal will be very large, and then produce environmental pollution to the natural environment.

The inspection methods of stainless steel rope mesh green wall are as follows:

1. The weatherability test of materials shall be carried out according to relevant regulations;

2. Visual inspection is adopted for appearance inspection;

3. The specification and mesh side length are measured with steel tape (the accuracy is not less than 1 mm), and the weight is measured with scale (the accuracy is not less than 0.05 kg);

4. The breaking strength test of the rope shall be carried out according to the regulations;

5. Impact test shall be carried out according to regulations;

6. The flame retardancy test of flat net and vertical net shall be carried out according to the regulations (the test rope diameter shall not be greater than 7mm);

7. The experimental method of stainless steel rope mesh green wall was carried out according to the regulations.

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